First Nations Representation through Lining

First Nations Art to Fabric Collaboration - Tarragó, Numina and Ludlows
Avelina’s middle name, Yuwea, means “first rain of the season”, a name given by her maternal grandmother, a Wangkamahdla Elder. Her dreaming story is a water dreaming story and so the meaning within the piece has a deep personal as well as a greater cultural significance for her. Through her skin (or moiety) connection via her mother, Avelina selected Louise Numina’s art for her chambers, home and this project. The “Water Soakage” motif was selected for its inherent significance in Aboriginal and First Nations culture.

Water Soakage – Louise Numina Napananka “It’s about survival – finding water in the desert. You look for the patterns in the creek beds and the rock crevices and especially if there are birds flying around, if you dig there the water will be there , pure and ready to drink.”

Jodi Curnow-Baker, manager and artist liaison for the project said “We had a very careful research and consultation process to ensure the understanding of the artwork’s meaning and how it was going to be applied in this new way. We ensured Louise Numina understood, agreed and supported the concept and then we had to ensure the correct protocol and consultation was followed to comply with the formal legal regalia requirements.”

“The lining facilitates culture in a significant garment in a subtle and appropriate manner without detracting from the formal purpose of the jackets. We can choose custom linings – this lining is an opportunity to wear one with specific intention and meaning”,
said Avelina.

Avelina’s intention was to launch the project in connection with Naidoc Week 2-9 July 2023 “For Our Elders”.

NOTE: This lining can not be added to existing garments.

The Lining Design and Donation Process

The Artwork Choice

The “Water Soakage” motif was selected for its inherent significance in Aboriginal and First Nations Culture, as well as the personal significance to Avelina. Water is one of the necessary conditions for all forms of life, it is important to Indigenous and non-Indigenous people alike for environmental, economic and cultural purposes.

In terms of Aboriginal culture “Water is essential to Aboriginal culture and lore both in life and spiritual practice, cannot be separated from other elements and exists in all parts of life and culture , water is a shared essential resource for life , there is a shared essential need for access . Water is a community resource and cannot be just for one person or individual”.

Prints and original paintings are available to purchase via Ludlows Brisbane and Raintreeart.

The Fundraising Strategy

Ludlows intends to raise funds to assist First Nations legal practitioners in Australia with the cost required when coming to the Bar, including Robes and Legal Regalia in general.

$165 from each sale of the First Nations Lining ($200 per Jacket/Vest) will be distributed from Ludlows quarterly to three existing trusts supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islands Barristers, namely the Indigenous Barristers’ Trust (Vic), the Indigenous Barristers’ Trust – The Mum Shirl Fund (NSW) and the Mullenjaiwakka Trust (Qld).

A portion of the sales from the artwork prints and paintings will be donated to this project. Donations can also be made directly to the Trusts above – contact us for more details.

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